Choosing the Right Indoor Grow Box for Beginners

Are you planning to start growing plants indoors? Maybe you have plants you need to conceal from the public. The best way to achieve this is to have grow boxes. These are perfect pre-made units that offer complete growing environments. They are practically easy and automatic. The grow boxes resemble grow tents, but are quite different because they are not made out of the tent material.

grow boxThere are many advantages to using grow boxes. Some of the advantages include faster growth, convenience, ecological benefits, and no soil problems. However, how do you choose the best marijuana grow kit owing to the many kits available on the market? To ensure you get a box that can easily transform your growing experience, you should choose a model that suits your requirements.

Hydroponic Design

These boxes are not oil-based. Instead, they are sophisticated with the built-in intake system, grow light, and exhaust fan. These types of boxes will supply your plants with nutrients and have odor control systems. You can find high-end designs with carbon dioxide and air conditioning. When choosing hydroponic boxes, you should pay attention to the hydroponic system itself. The superiority of the system will differ from one manufacturer to another.


These are specialized types of hydroponic grow boxes. You should note that both systems have a sort of medium that is not soil to support plant life. For instance, Aquaponics boxes use marble-size clay balls or inter rock. These systems pump nutrient-rich water to plants, and they allow you to harvest your produce in a remarkably short period. Other grow media include rock wool, super-heated shale, and stones.

Hydroponic Infusion System

These are the commonly used infusion methods that you can come across:


With such methods, the roots of these plants do not hang in no or little medium. In fact, nutrients are misted into plants through the hanging roots.

Water Culture

This is a great method that is used to grow green vegetables. In this case, plants are reinforced by baskets that are positioned into the Styrofoam sheets that float on a nutrient-rich solution.

Nutrient Film Technique

In this case, the plants sit on top of the inverted V-shaped channel that is sealed on all sides into the box-like tunnel. In this case, a nutrient solution passes through the tunnel at the top.

Ebb and Flow

indoor grow boxThis given system is fitted with a pump that floods and drains the growing table on a regular basis. The flooding is necessary to ensure that roots are fed with nutrients and the draining ensures there is sufficient oxygen supply.

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