looking at a watch

A Guide to Choosing the Right Watch

Whether you want to buy a watch for yourself or as a gift, you should take this matter seriously. First reason, it is a myth that says choosing a watch can’t go wrong. Some models are too flashy and do not reflect the wearer’s personality while the others may look too dull for an energetic person. This is just one amongst many mistakes you can make.

Therefore, read this guide first!

1. Know the Right Size of the Watch

When we think of the size of a watch, we usually only think about the straps. However, the size of the clock’s case matters too! If it is too big for the wearer’s wrist, it won’t look nice to wear. Besides, loose straps can irritate the skin by causing frictions. Therefore, measure your wrist first before you buy a watch.

2. Choose the Right Watch Type

With digital technology at disposal, we all now have been accustomed to many digital devices. However, when it comes to watches, you should not forget the aesthetic of it. Although the digital model looks futuristic, it somehow lacks elegance and class. That is why big names in the watch industry such as Rolex, Michael Kors, Patek Philippe, and Blancpain maintain the analog design in their products.

Moreover, if you take a look at the female watches series, such as mk5896, you’ll see for yourself how perfect it is to be worn by a woman. When analog watches are combined with a feminine design, it results in a truly classy look.

3. Pick the Right Features

Watches these days have many features. In fact, there are so many that they tend to confuse customers. In the past, watches were only equipped with a chronograph and calendar.

Today, sports watches take the watch-making technology to the extreme by offering the wearer information about tide graph, temperature, and depth. If you like to surf or to dive, then you may need those features, but if you don’t, it will be a waste of money.

4. Get the Right Design Style

a sporty watchAs said before, not all watches fit just any occasion. You should perceive formal and casual situations differently by getting the right watch style. For example, a sports watch does not look good with a suit and tie, and neither do metal straps with casual wear.

If you bought the watch as a gift, then you should put a note with it that says the purpose of the watch. For instance, if the receiver likes to sail in a yacht, then a metallic watch will be a perfect gift.  You should mention that you bought him/her that watch exactly for that activity.