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How to play chess – the basics

Chess is a popular board game that is played by millions of people around the world. It is a strategy game and many amateurs and professional play it in competitions and also as a pastime. If you are interested in learning the game, there are a few basic things that you need to know. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Buying a boardchess

Before you start you need to purchase a chess board because in order to become proficient in this game you need to have a board with you. If you look around you will find, wooden, plastic and even metal chess boards for sale. The prices can range from a few dollars to five hundred dollars or even more. If you are a beginner, you can get one that is not too expensive.

Learning the game

In your box, you will find one board with checkered black and white squares. You will also find 32 pieces of which 16 are white, and 16 are black. You need first to learn how to place them on the board.

Laying the pieces

Select one color and start on one side and the row closest to you. Put a rook, knight, bishop, king, queen, bishop, knight, and rook in that order. You should be left with eight pawns which all go in the next row. The next step is to learn the moves each piece can make.

The rook

This piece can move Horizontally or vertically any number of squares at a time. It is also used to perform the move known as castling when there are no pieces between it and the king.

The knight

This piece performs a unique move which is an ‘L’ shape. It can jump over other pieces while making this move.

The bishop

The bishop moves diagonally and can move any number of squares at a time.

The queen

This is the most versatile piece on the board, and it can move in any direction diagonal or vertical. It can move any number of rows at a time, but it cannot perform the move made by the knight.

chess  2The king

The king can move in any direction but only one space at a time. And it can also partake in the castling move with the rook.


Pawns can only move one step forward at a time except for the first move which may be two. They can cut other pieces diagonally only.

Now that you know the basics of chess you can start playing with an opponent.

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Great Features of A Computer Gaming Chair

Computer gaming has become the in thing in the world today. Most people both the young and the old are involved in various computer games to either keep them busy or relax their minds. There are certain features that the computer chairs have that the other ordinary chairs don’t. The features only make the playing of the various computer games more enjoyable. Many players are looking for a great website to buy the computer chair. Let us look at some of the great features of the computer gaming chairs.

Great features


The material that is used to make the computer gaming chair is necessary. Please ensure that you get a quality computer gaming chairgaming chair that will stand a test of time. It does not make economic sense to but a cheap computer chair only to replace it in a few months. The computer chairs made of high-quality material will stand the test of time.

When buying the computer chair, look at the manufacturer and what he describes as the cover material. Look at the material that has been used to make other pads like the wheels, legs, and the padding material. Make sure that they are all of the best quality.


Most computer games are usually enjoyable and involving which means that the players get to spend long hours playing their favorite game. One of the features that the computer gaming chair should have is the Comfortability. When purchasing a computer chair, it is recommended to buy an ergonomic chair that will give your body the least stress and the maximum comfort. No one wants to stand after every 10 minutes just to stretch before he continues playing.


The space that the gaming chair occupies is another important feature that you should consider. Some computer chairs can be folded and tucked away when they are not in use. Invest in such kind of computer chairs. Also, keep in mind the dimension of the gaming area versus the computer chair. This will help you get the right chair size that will occupy the assigned or intended space.


laptop on deskThe price of the gaming chair is also crucial when buying one. What is your budget and how much are you willing to spend on the gaming chair? Make sure that you get value for your money.

There are different types of computer gaming chairs with different pricing based on their qualities and features. If you need a sound system in your gaming chair, you will have to pay for it.